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VO session using ipDTL

Had a recent VO session where I hooked up with AngAudio and Latin Works via ipDTL to conduct a voice over session where I was reading some MLB copy for the agency’s reel.  It was…

Audiobook editing tip…

I’ve been voicing and producing a lot of audiobooks recently through ACX.  One of the more challenging tasks of an audiobook project is the post production or the editing.  Depending on the size of the…

The Makings of a VO session

So I thought taking a look behind the scenes of a VO session would interest some people…

Brand New Sennheiser 416 for under $800!!!

Yes, you heard that right.  The creme dela creme, the coveted, the venerable, the one and only Sennheiser 416 for under $800 from BSW Supply VO heavyweight Joe Cipriano. I found this deal through the Radio Imaging…

Production Music Smorgasbord

When I worked as a production director in broadcasting, I was always on the hunt for a great production music library that made the creative I was creating for clients stand out.  A good piece of…

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